Badminton Exchange Games

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Participating Cities

Bangkok, Beijing, Delhi, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul,
Singapore, Taipei, Ulaanbaatar, Yangon, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tokyo
*These participating cities might be changed.

Exchange Games Schedule

Aug. 25th, Fri. Opening Celemony /
Preliminary League
Open 9:00
Start 10:00
Aug. 26th, Sat. Preliminary League /
Playoff Tournament(Badminton)
Open 9:00
Start 10:30
Aug. 27th, Sun. Playoff Tournament(Badminton) /
Final tournament(Para Badminton)
Awards ceremony / Closing ceremony
Open 9:00
Start 9:30


Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground Gymnasium.
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Events / Competition Format


Team competition involving Boys singles, Girls singles, Boys doubles, Girls doubles, and mixed doubles.


Competition Format

(1) All the games will be conducted in accordance with the BWF LAWS OF BADMINTON and RECOMMENDATIONS TO TECHNICAL OFFICIALS and GENERAL COMPETITION REGULATIONSthat are current as of April 1,2017.
(2) [Badminton] After conducting the preliminary on a league basis, the main contest will take the form of Games with playoffs.
[Para Badminton] Qualifiers will be league play conducted in 4 groups, followed by a finals tournament.
(3) [Badminton] Boys doubles, Girls doubles, Mixed doubles players must not also compete as Singles players.(This is to prevent one player from playing in all three categories.)
(4) [Badminton] The order of matches will be Boys doubles, Girls doubles, Boys singles, Girls singles, mixed doubles.
(5) [Badminton] Placings in the league will be decided according to the criteria for league placing.
(6) [Badminton] If any player is absent from a match in the order decided ,the order of play from shall be submitted with the box corresponding to the category for which the player failed to play left blank. In the preliminary league, the criteria for deciding place will no longer apply and the team will be placed last. In the playoff league, subsequent matches will be invalidated, and the team will be placed last in the playoff.
(7) [Badminton] All matches subsequent to a match for which a player is absent will invalidated and treated as abandoned. All matches other than the match in the category for which a player is absent(including during the playoff tournament) will then be treated as open matches.
(8) [Badminton] No breaks will be allowed between consecutive matches within the same round. (According to circumstances, the order of categories may be changed.)
(9) If two matches involving the same player are to be played consecutively, a break of approximately 20 minutes will be allowed. (According to circumstances, the order of categories may be changed.)
(10) [Badminton] According to the progress of matches, 3 or more matches in the same round may be played simultaneously.
(11) [Badminton] There will be no mixed doubles playoff tournament if winners and losers have already been determined. Combinations will determined by the Tokyo Metropolitan Badminton Association Executive Committee upon the instructions of a referee(s) and deputy referee(s) designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Badminton Association. Seeding for the qualifying league will be determined by performance in the previous games.
[Para Badminton] Qualifying league combinations will be determined at the managers’ meeting.
(12) The shuttles used shall be the NBA’s official type-one shuttlecocks.
(13) When entering the facility, follow the broadcasted instructions and gather directly on the court.
(14) Air conditioners will generally be installed out of consideration for the proper match environment.

Competition Table [Non-disabled Athlete]

Preliminary Rounds / Friday, August 25 Saturday, August 26

Order Decision Tournament / Saturday, August 26 Sunday, August 27

Friendship Games / Sunday, August 27

Timetable [Non-disabled Athlete]

Competition Table [Disabled Athlete]

Preliminary Rounds Friday, August 25 Saturday, August 26

Final tournament / Sunday, August 27

Timetable [Disabled Athlete]

Official Sponsors


Supporting Organizers

Tokyo Junior High School Physical Culture Association, Tokyo Sports Association, Setagaya City, Setagaya City Board Of Education, Yomiuri Shimbun

Special Cooperations

Nippon Badminton Association, Japan Table Tennis Association, Japan Para-Badminton Federation, Japan Para Table Tennis Association